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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  12/1/2021  - Sub for Santa
Sub for Santa is where the Mountain Crest FFA raises money to help the community out for the holidays. They do various activities to raise money.
  12/2/2021  - ALC
A leadership conference for the high school FFA members in the area put on by the area officers.
  12/16/2021  - Swing Dance Social
This is a social that the members can swing dance to and line dance. There is a lot of different types of music and this is where the member can get to know one another. 
  1/12/2022  - Chapter contests
All LDE teams competing and getting ready for area contests.
  1/18/2022  - Greenhand ceremony
Recognizing members who have received their greenhand degrees
Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
  11/17/2021  - Chili Cookoff and Cupcake Wars
We will have a handful of students bring chili for others to try and to vote on. While some are eating and while the votes are being tallied, we will hold a cupcake decorating competition after which, a selected committee will judge the cupcakes and present both winners.
  1/15/2022  - Ski Night
We will be having a ski night at beaver mountain ski resort. We will be inviting all students at mountain crest. Ski night will give everybody an opportunity to get involved in FFA and have fun while doing it. Members will be able to socialize and be active. 
  4/14/2022  - goga
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  3/25/2022  - State Convention
State Convention is where all the people who one LDE's get together and compete. The first place winner gets to go to nationals in the upcoming year. 
  4/15/2022  - State CDE's
Our chapter competes in CDE's at the state level.
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  3/16/2022  - tooele
Our chapter competes at tooele in CDE's.
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
  2/9/2022  - Hypno Hick
Hold a fundraiser featuring hypno hick. Use this opportunity to invite others from the community promoting FFA. Also uses a recruitment possibility
  5/12/2022  - Movie Night
Watching a movie 
Building Communities - Citizenship
  5/1/2022  - Farm Field Day
Farm Field Day is to inform younger kids about agriculture and to show them where their food is coming from.
Chapter Officers:
Lindee Olsen
Sariah Summers
Vice President
Anna Watkins
Vice President
Charlsie Reeder
Peyton Haviland
Pace Thompson
Eneli Jenson
Erin Atkinson


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